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List of characters. It will be updated as more get involved with the complicated (*cough*) storyline, and pictures will be here soon. Just as soon as I get that damned scanner...

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Name: Jin
Description Former human, now a red dragon. Somewhat crazy, somewhat insane. If there is a topic everybody purposely avoids, bets are that it can be tied back to him.

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Name: Versilaryan
Description Blue dragon. The calm to Jin's storm. Peaceful, serene, and generous. But don't test her patience. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Name: Raldoth
Description Wolf. Although he is logical and reasonable almost to the point of being pragmatic, he is a band geek. (Hmm, "band", "logical", and "reasonable" all in the same sentence without the use of any negatives. I never knew that was possible...)
Name: Rychaeth
Description: Fox. Always the opportunist, he'll find some way to twist trouble to some sort of benefit. Slightly eccentric and talks with an accent.