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This is an extremely complicated process where I ask myself questions and answer them for you. (Talk about schizophrenic...) Who really gives a damn if they're frequently asked or not, anyways?

Do you have any background in art?
I took a drawing and painting classin eighth grade. It didn't do anything to help me except spark my muse, which was then created the original JaToM. Besides that (and the subsequent random drawings that followed), I don't have that much of a background.

When do you update the comic?
Mondays. Don't blame me if I slack, though.

Where'd the characters come from?
Jin and Versy were the two originals. After I went ahead and started using Versy's name as my username in forums, chatrooms, et cetera, she emerged as a prevalent RP character for utilitarian uses. Likewise, to even the odds, Jin tagged along. Jin, or Jinwoopang, was my previous username.

Raldoth showed up in the Kaerwyn public RP. I had the comic idea for this, plus the short story mentioned in the first cover page. I stuck him into Kaerwyn, and he flourished enough to drill a hole into my head where he took up residence with Jin and Versy.

Then there's Rychaeth. He was another one I came up with and stuck into Kaerwyn. He never made it into the RP proper, but he's here nonetheless.

All four of them are more or less personified extremes of my own personality. Raldoth my stoic, rational side, Jin my insane, risk-loving side. It's like a four-way balance.

...I might wind up minoring in psychology or philosophy after all...

Do you do anything else artistically?
My website (Under construction)
My DeviantART gallery
My Fur Affinity gallery

I have another question and it's not answered here.
Technically, that's not a question...

Just send it to me through whatever means you wish to contact me. If it has enough significance, it'll be thrown up here.
And given my normal failure to come up with decent questions, I get the feeling that a lot of questions asked will make it up here.